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Hi Grasshopper designers,

in this blog post we provide you with an overview of the controls recognized by ShapeDiver in Grasshopper models. In case you can’t wait and want to give it a try right away, go ahead: download and experiment using one of our example models, or have a look at our demonstrator model, which makes use of all supported types of controls and outputs.


The most common type of input parameter. ShapeDiver supports all sliders settings, like minimum and maximum value, real or natural number, number of digits, etc. The sliders’ name is used to present the parameter to the user in the viewer. Be sure to set a meaningful name in your Grasshopper model, or in the model edit page after uploading.


Currently we display knobs using sliders in the parameter widget. This will be improved during the beta phase.

Lists (Dropdown, Checklist, Sequence)

ShapeDiver recognizes the followings kinds of input lists that can be specified in Grasshopper: dropdown list, check list, value sequence, value cycle.


Our viewer’s parameter widget displays toggle controls using switches, similar to how they look like in Grasshopper.


For now we only support Grasshopper’s colour picker component, we will add support for the colour swatch component during beta.


We support text inputs by means of the ShapeDiverTextInput component which is part of ShapeDivers Grasshopper plug-in

Calendar and Time

Last but not least ShapeDiver also supports the calendar and time components of Grasshopper.

Further reading

You might also be interested to read our blog posts on outputs and materials.

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Mathias Höbinger Hi, thanks for the input, I will look into that. It might lead to a few problems to have a completely unrestricted parameter space, I'll think about it and get back to you!
seltzdesign Can you please make sure that you support digit scrollers as well. A lot of times I find them superior, because they don't have a set minimum or maximum.