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Welcome to ShapeDiver! Is this the first time you visit us? Check out what we do, take the time to look around, why don't you even sign up and try to upload a model yourself? 

The reason I'm asking is that we are looking for a new member in our team, and if we could only require one thing from you, this is what it would be: to believe in what we do. If you do, it means you love working at ShapeDiver. It means you bring new ideas to the table and help us realize our full potential. It also means that if we take the wrong path, if we need to change the way we think and the choices we make, you speak up and help us get back on track.

In a word, we are not only looking for an employee. We are looking for a partner.

What we do

A year ago, ShapeDiver started on a path to bring parametric design to the cloud and enable web applications, first and foremost product configurators. It is truly amazing to dig around and discover the thousands of product configurators that already exist online, and their endless applications.

We believe that ShapeDiver is an easy way to make life easier for the designers and the companies who seek mass customization. And indeed, we launched ShapeDiver in early September with instant great feedback from the designers who are already familiar with parametric design. It's been fantastic to help them build configurators for their products and implement them on their own websites!

We want to take it one step further now, by helping product designers who are not using parametric design yet. 

This is why we need you.

What do we need, exactly?

While sharing our motivation and helping us build a strong culture are the keys to working with us, there are some practical skills that we need in our team at the moment. We are looking for a product designer with a lot of experience in Grasshopper (duh!). Three to five years would be ideal, but those can include your studies. Sometimes, those student years are the most precious. 

To be honest, that's pretty much it! Sure, there are some nice-to-haves, such as:

 - some scripting skills (RhinoScript, C#, Python...)

 - some degree of literacy in other parametric languages

 - experience in designing for the jewelry and/or furniture industries

But those are just what they are. Nice-to-haves.

What you will do

We need help approaching the product designers. A brand new technology is always a little hard to grasp. 

On the one hand, you will create simple grasshopper prototypes of our potential user's products, as a proof-of-concept of the technology. Because sharing a working model is a lot better than a long and boring explanation.

On the other hand, you will take it to the next level with the users who want to use ShapeDiver. In this case, you will expand on the early prototype and fully model one or several products of the designer's catalogue.

What now?

Is this you? Brilliant! Send me a resume, a short cover letter and, if possible, a portfolio of your Grasshopper work (

We're looking forward to hearing back from you and to start a discussion!

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