ShapeDiver Now Supports Python Scripting!

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We're happy to announce the long-awaited support for Python scripting on ShapeDiver. While ShapeDiver has been C# and VB.NET-friendly for a while, Python lovers can now come out of a long period of frustration!

Python is a flexible programming and scripting language that is supported by many applications, and therefore allows your work to be reused in different environments. 

Unlike other scripting components, the Grasshopper Python component allows to use the rhinoscriptsyntax to start scripting without needing to be a programmer. Once on-board and with some practice, you can also get the most of external Python and .Net modules and libraries.

A simple example using Python

Read the simple introduction to scripting with Python in Grasshopper by McNeel, and check the github repository containing many example scripts to get you started.

The Grasshopper Python can be downloaded for Rhino 5 here, and it is natively included with Rhino 6 and Rhino Mac (which we will soon have some news about...).

Have fun using all the power of Python with ShapeDiver, and send us your creations if you'd like to be featured on the website!

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