Set Your Parametric Designs Free

ShapeDiver is the world's first platform for online parametric 3D.
Join other Grasshopper enthusiasts and share your algorithms with the world!

Submerge, adjust, share.

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Go rotate the cube. Modify the height, the colors, give it a twist...
Are you intrigued by the possibilities? So are we.

Find out what ShapeDiver can do for your business:


Play and turn. Turn and play...

ShapeDiver provides a new way of discovering things.
Enjoy exploring, rather than just watching.


ShapeDiver is a virtual ocean full of shapes. Dive in and get inspired by models ranging from visual art to industrial products.


Each model is made to be adjusted through parameters defined by its designer. Enjoy exploring rather than just watching.


Share with a link or embed a model directly on your blog or website. No specific software is needed for others to admire your work.

Designers, get started:

  • ShapeDiver lets you easily display your parametric 3D content created in Grasshopper.
  • You can tag or categorize your work and have your audience adjust, share and discuss your work.
  • You can even embed your model on your own website or blog.
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ShapeDiver for Business

Your product deserves in-depth admiration?
Take your users on a diving tour!

Selling submarines? Or skyscrapers? Or screws? No matter what you’re presenting – ShapeDiver boosts your user’s configuration experience. Here’s why you should talk to us.


What designers say:

Most advanced thing I have touched so far concerning Grasshopper on the web.

Richard Shaffranek

Seriously impressed!

Andrew Heumann
Architect and Grasshopper Developer

Being able to share in the cloud a parametric design is fantastic.

Daniel Abalde
Jewelry Designer

We're looking forward to your feedback:
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