Create powerful 3D co-design applications.

Go beyond a simple online configurator and create a truly powerful online co-design application. Visualize complex products in 3D. Improve conversion rates. Generate production files in a few seconds. Completely eliminate human error.

Why ShapeDiver?

Share Grasshopper files online in a few clicks.

Rhinoceros 3D and Grasshopper are powerful tools used by hundreds of thousands of professionals around the world. ShapeDiver provides the right features and scalable infrastructure to help you transform your Grasshopper files into powerful cloud applications.

Share the power of parametric design with partners, clients and other key stakeholders wherever they are and regardless of their technical level.

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From Your Desktop To The Cloud In No Time

Uploading, setting up and sharing your first Grasshopper model on ShapeDiver takes just a few clicks. As easy a dragging and dropping a file!

Want to go further? Combine our Grasshopper plugin, online 3D viewer and powerful APIs to create the perfect online application. The sky is the limit!

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Boost your eCommerce strategy!

Does your business sell highly customizable products? Then look no further. Online 3D product configurators are quickly becoming the standard for a high quality customer experience, especially for high complexity products.

Learn how Grasshopper and ShapeDiver are helping hundreds of businesses around the world to cost-efficiently create more engaging online shopping experiences for their end users.

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A toolbox with a complete set of features.

Useful on their own. Powerful when combined.

Grasshopper Plugin

Use our special components to prepare your definitions and make them ShapeDiver-ready.

Online 3D Viewer

Our WebGL viewer will help you easily display your Grasshopper definitions online.

Frontend & Backend APIs

Create powerful workflows and integrate your models into any web application or external platform.

Online Dashboard

Upload, monitor, and control your Grasshopper files, all from an easy to use online interface.


...your parametric models created in Grasshopper in just a few clicks.


...your work and let your audience discover your work in all its complexity.


...your portfolio and show your skills to potential clients and other designers.

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