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The best way to build powerful and custom online applications based on Grasshopper files!

Create a truly custom experience for your end users. Design your own User Interface and let it remote control your Grasshopper models. Connect your application to your inventory system. Receive and process payment automatically with Shopify, Stripe or any other payment platform. Create an AR/VR application and more!


Includes everything from the Designer account.

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Each of your models generates a ticket that allows you to access our API and create powerful online applications with it. Ideal for connecting your custom UI, Shopify store or ERP system!

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Our ShapeDiver platform has thousands of users which share the performance of the entire system. Our Business accounts ensure that your models get processed with higher priority, which guarantees the fastest possible processing time for your online applications.




Our Business accounts allow up to 30 seconds of computation time to run more complex computations and create more detailed production files. Learn More.

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When you (or your clients) use our viewer on your website and/or export files from them, ShapeDiver credits are consumed. Our Business accounts include up to 10,000 monthly credits that renew each month.

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Need help with your Grasshopper file or our API? Our team is just an email away in case you need support or troubleshooting!

Success Stories

Review these success stories and get inspired by other Business accounts.

UNRUH Furniture | USA

From the heart of Missouri, UNRUH furniture offers a catalog of more than a hundred beautiful and durable furniture pieces. All of them are configurable using ShapeDiver.

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Shapelamp | Malta

Shapelamp manufactures custom lights specifically to the client’s requirements, combining the latest in automated rapid manufacturing and the traditional manual material processing.

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Planen Planen | Germany

As part of the Vorhammer computational design collective, Planen Planen is revolutionizing the manufacturing process of trailer tarpaulins. In combination with CNC machines, Planen Planen leads the B2B tarpauling configurator space.

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Ministry of Snus | Denmark

Ministry of Snus makes the purchase of high-end tobacco an experience. Bringing passion to every step of the buyer's journey, Ministry of Snus is committed to providing personalized tobacco products made with expertise.

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Indimise | Germany

Indimise uses 3D printing to allow users to create unique phone case designs. With their online configurator, anyone can easily create a high-quality and personalized smartphone case that is both stylish and accessible.

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Goldfish Boat | Norway

Goldfish boats are conceived and fabricated to balance optimal standards in design, performance, and operational ability. Using online configurators, Goldfish Boat offers customized boats that are conceived and fabricated to balance optimal standards in design, performance, and operational ability.

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