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The most affordable way to share your Grasshopper files on any website.

Ready to share your products on your website but have a limited budget? Our Designer accounts provide a very simple and affordable way of sharing your Grasshopper models on any website you control. Almost no coding needed!


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As easy as embedding a YouTube video! Each of your online models automatically generates an iframe code that can be used to embed our viewer and all your models’ parameters into your website! We support almost all CMSs including WIX, SquareSpace, etc.


Have full control of which domain is allowed to embed your models.
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Computational Design



Create powerful online applications that can automate the generation and export of almost any type of production file. STL files? DXF files? PDF documents? Images? You got it!

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Access to more computational power to generate those geometry, image, or data outputs. Learn More.

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When you (or your clients) use our viewer on your website and/or export files from them, ShapeDiver credits are consumed. Our Designer accounts include up to 1,000 monthly credits that renew each month.

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Success Stories

Review these success stories and get inspired by other Designer accounts.

Chickadee ADU | USA

Chickadee ADU's mission is to help to increase housing density in cities without drastically changing the character of neighborhoods. Through their innovative approach to construction, anyone can design their own ADU in minutes, find a builder, and get construction done faster than ever before.

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Hello Creation | Belgium

Introducing clients to the world of 'digital woodworking', Hello Creation helps woodworking business owners fill their order books on autopilot using a savvy approach to get woodworking orders that few in the woodworking business world have access to.

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WYVE | France

WYVE is shaping the future of surfboards by implementing parametric and 3D printing practices to the manufacturing process. WYVE's mission is to create high-performing and environmentally friendly surf products. Through their online configurator, users can create custom boards and fins that achieve technical and environmental excellence.

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WingHopper | USA

WingHopper uses the power of parametric design to create optimized Kiteboarding Hydrofoils. WingHopper can be used to create perfect CAD models of wing geometry, and export these models for construction or analysis in 3D model files or XFLR5 .xml for CFD analysis.

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