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>>Getting to know...<< is the place where ShapeDiver introduces game changers in the field of Parametric Design. During our blog series we'll let great brands do the talking and present their projects, so sit back and enjoy!

Parametric Bench designed for IKEA Center Group

ControlMAD Advanced Design Center is a FabLAB (Fabrication Laboratory) for advanced architecture, engineering and design. Our working process is characterized by the use of CNC technology (Computer Numerical Control). This technology allows designers to manufacture components (interior and exterior) for different types of products, regardless of their complexity. This production method lowers costs and offers a higher accuracy level when compered to other manufacturing procedures.

Founded in early 2011, ControlMAD is the answer to the ever-changing design and production environment, leaving the static concept of an architecture office and putting into practice formal and theoretical research; implemented by the energy and creative spirit of workshops performed in our headquarters in Madrid, Spain.

Redesign Project for Doki Doki Madrid

We are an Authorized Rhino Training Center and the second Authorized Rhino FabStudio in Europe. We teach a variety of 3D CAD courses such as Grasshopper, Rhinoceros, BIM Revit, and more specific ones related to Digital Fabrication like scripting with Python and Form Finding.

We strengthen our workshop experiences with professional and parametric projects in architecture and interior design. Our aim is, with CNC digital fabrication tools, to generate complex shapes from traditional or standard panels like wood, plywood or MDF.

We also offer a Master Course in Parametric Design for those students that need a deeper understanding of parametric design and digital manufacturing inside the worlds of product and interior design, architecture, urban and landscape design, engineering and digital fabrication. During this course students participate in the creation of physical and digital parametric models using as a main tool Grasshopper and its most popular plugins such as Kangaroo, Karamba, Paneling Tools, among others.


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