ShapeDiver for Business

Whatever product you are selling, exploring it in 3D creates desire.
Use ShapeDiver's technology to build your tailor-made configurator!


Show your product – all of it

Display all of your dimensions, materials and features through a single, highly detailed 3D model.


Better than a traditional catalogue

Your business partners will be more engaged while browsing through all of your available options.


Lightning-fast setup

Bypass months of development and upgrade to 3D in a few days.
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Simple and effective API

Your web designer will love how easy it is to integrate ShapeDiver into your website.
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Seamless e-commerce integration

Whether you have an existing e-commerce system or need to build one, ShapeDiver creates the cornerstone of your shopping experience.


100% Cloud Computing, 0% Hassle

Our servers handle all the 3D rendering and re-processing. Your clients enjoy a hassle-free experience. No plug-ins required (it’s practically magic!).

Design globally. Produce locally.

We’ve got you covered whether you are a multinational manufacturer using the latest CNC Machines or a local manufacturer using 3D printers.

Supported export formats:

Once you, your clients or business partners create their own precise version of a product using ShapeDiver’s parametric technology, everyone can rest assured that all that data is available in a variety of formats thanks to our powerful export features.
Need another format? Let us know!

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They made a choice.

Have a look at how our clients succeed with ShapeDiver’s parametric 3D technology. They all made the choice to enhance their customers' experience. When will you make your choice?

Junddo Furniture

French manufacturers that successfully erased the line between tailor-made and price, allowing customers to adapt their desires to a designer's creations.

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ME-DO by Arauco

Freshly out of Arauco’s innovation oven, this completely new approach to furniture design and manufacturing relies entirely on ShapeDiver’s parametric technology.

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Longing for the hot mediterranean summer? Spanish manufacturer MiPuf uses ShapeDiver’s parametric technology to present over 50.000 configuration options to their clients.

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Convinced? We are ready when you are!

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Your Product. Our Technology.

There is nothing like seeing your product through our technology for the first time. Request a demo and let us show you how parametric design can enable new possibilities for your company.

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