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Follow the instructions below, and in just a few clicks, you'll be able to host your Grasshopper files online, including all their parameters and solutions, and share them with anyone worldwide.

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Getting Started

1) Prepare Your Grasshopper File

✓ Download and install the latest version of Rhinoceros 3D.

✓ Download and install the latest version of our Grasshopper plugin.

✓ Create your Grasshopper file(s) by following our documentation and video tutorials.

✓ Use any of our supported third-party plugins to enhance the functionality of your Grasshopper file.

✓ Receive cost-free support by sharing your questions in our Support Forum.


2) Upload To ShapeDiver

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✓ Click the "Upload" button and drag & drop your Grasshopper file directly on your browser. No coding is required!

✓ Our system will scan your Grasshopper file and output a web application in a few seconds.

✓ Are you having problems with your file? Remember to follow our best practices and guidelines! When in doubt, our team is ready to assist via our Support Forum.


3) Set Up Your ShapeDiver Model

✓ Setup lighting, camera properties, Augmented Reality (AR) settings, background, and more. Remember: we cover all of these topics (and more) in our documentation!

✓ Manage the order and visibility of your parameters.

✓ Set your model visibility to public or private.

✓ Want to go further? Start a trial period of any of our paid plans. You'll get access to powerful features such as iframe embedding, viewer and backend API access, import/export CAD data, and more!


4) Share Your ShapeDiver Model

✓ Share your public models with anyone via your model's URL.

✓ Sensitive files? Share your private models with clients and team members via Link Sharing or any of our other secure sharing methods included in our paid plans.

Learn more about the powerful features included in our paid plans.

How does it really work?

The ShapeDiver system provides an online interface to servers running Rhinoceros and Grasshopper.

Our servers compute the solutions of the requested sets of parameters and send the results in geometry and data formats optimized for third-party web and desktop applications.

Moreover, the caching and load balancing systems ensure that results are always delivered with the best performance, even under intense usage.

To unlock the full potential of our platform, you'll need the right ShapeDiver plan depending on the complexity of your Grasshopper files (overall computation times, size of outputs, etc.) and the traffic on your website.

What can you do with Grasshopper files online?

Once your Grasshopper files are online, they can be shared with others in multiple ways. They can be embedded into external websites or connected to eCommerce platforms, like WooCommerce or Shopify.

Hundreds of companies worldwide are already creating these types of online applications to enhance different parts of their businesses, such as sales and manufacturing.

Our Clients

Do you need help with your Grasshopper files?

We specialize in helping clients across various industries leverage the power of computational design with a focus on cloud-based solutions.

Whether you are working on a simple design or a large, complex project, our team has the skills and experience to help you succeed.

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With ShapeDiver, designers can host their Grasshopper definitions online, including all their parameters and solutions. In a few clicks, upload definitions and start interacting with them in the platform.

Upload unlimited definitions for free and share public ones with a simple link. The online viewer provides a visual interface in the web browser to update parameters and get instant visual feedback of the solutions.

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