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Online 3D Product Configurators

Increase your sales, reduce costs and automate your manufacturing processes.

The future of online retail...

Online 3D product configurators are quickly becoming the new standard for online retail.

They help clients understand a complex product when they can't physically be in front of it by allowing them to explore its variations via an online interface.

Furthermore, they can connect to your eCommerce platforms and other external systems such as your ERP or CRM, which makes sure nothing gets lost in translation.

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...that's been out of reach for many.

Traditionally, creating online 3D configurators has been a tedious and expensive process.

From the design of 3D assets to the complete implementation, many parts need to be coordinated carefully by very specific talent.

Once deployed, further updates to the product logic result in risky and costly maintenance operations that seriously limit their flexibility.

Why ShapeDiver?

Is it really custom?

On top of that, most available solutions for building 3D configurators are only able to offer basic variation options, such color changes and a limited number of static accessories.

Even products as simple as a made-to-measure table or lamps cannot easily be displayed via traditional online 3D solutions.

Cost-Efficient Online 3D Product Configurators

ShapeDiver makes creating online 3D product configurators efficient and affordable by using Parametric Design and Cloud Computing.

For starters, your 3D product is created with no code. Instead, product designers use Grasshopper, which enables product variations that can be complex and precise, going far beyond switching materials and accessories.

This way, all the logic and visuals are contained inside a single CAD file that can be uploaded to our platform!

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True 3D Co-Design

Since ShapeDiver is based on Parametric Design and not "traditional" coding, costs and development times are drastically reduced.

With Grasshopper, your product variations can be complex and precise, going far beyond switching materials and accessories. Your customers will be able to control a level of detail never attained before, and co-design truly unique products.

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Product Variations In Real Time

With real-time parametric 3D, your clients are not left to their imagination in order to visualize the final look of that product they really want.

Let buyers choose between sizes, features, textures, colors, quantities, and more... Millions of customization options can be displayed in a single online interface!

How It Works

Production Automation Made Simple

With ShapeDiver, your team won’t need to manually convert each order into manufacturing data.

Instead, once your purchase orders start coming in, our system will generate and export production-ready files that can be sent directly to your manufacturing team. Automation will bring a true seamless experience and will let you scale.

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Why Do You Need An Online 3D Product Configurator?


Multiple studies show stores with configurators are not only having higher conversion rates but higher average customer spend (ACS) overall. According to Deloitte, customers are willing to pay more for customised online experiences. Buyers attribute more value to their purchases and return rates reduce significantly.


Real time visual feedback for millions of product variations build trust and understanding in your potential customers. Dynamic pricing for each variation leaves no room for confusion. The configurator can directly guide your website visitors or be a flexible tool for sales agents to explain your product better.


Understand how much time customers spend with your configurator, what options they look at the most, how they interact with your product, and all the metrics you require to know your customers needs and wants. Our configurators come with advanced web analytics that give precious insight regarding customers behaviour.


Connect eCommerce orders with your manufacturer and export production-ready files automatically from your online store. With ShapeDiver, your designers and factory workers won’t need to convert each order into manufacturing data. Automation brings a true seamless experience and room to scale.

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