Why ShapeDiver?

Because since 2016, our team has perfected a system that is built on the latest cloud infrastructure, carefully orchestrated, and ready to use.

ShapeDiver offers essential tools and scalable infrastructure to develop robust 3D online applications using Grasshopper files, allowing you to focus on your business requirements rather than dealing with cloud computing complexities.


Streamline your projects with secure, web-based Grasshopper sharing.

Build powerful applications and collaborate like never before, with complete control over who has access to your original code.

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A collection of essential features ready to use.

With ShapeDiver you can focus on your business needs instead of figuring out how to run Grasshopper in the cloud.

Online Platform

Upload, monitor, and control your Grasshopper files, all from an easy to use online interface with amazing built-in features.

Grasshopper Plugin

Use the special components included in our plugin to prepare your definitions.

Online 3D Viewer

Our 3rd-generation WebGL viewer with Augmented Reality will help your users interact with your models through a web browser.

iframe Embedding

Go from ShapeDiver to an external website in less than a minute, including many of the features included in our platform and online viewer.


Create powerful workflows and integrate your models into any web application, eCommerce platform or ERP system.

Scalable Infrastructure

Our systems auto-scale based on demand, and our dispatching algorithms take care of load balancing to ensure we answer every request quickly.

Secure AWS Cloud Hosting

Our full-fledged permission system ensures your code is not exposed to anyone who's not supposed to see it.

Rhino Servers

Choose between fully redundant Rhino 6, 7 or 8 servers, which allow for continuous, zero-downtime deployment of updates.


How does ShapeDiver compare to Rhino Compute?

Whether you are a startup looking to create online configurators or an Enterprise looking to share proprietary Grasshopper plugins and scripts with whole teams of designers, architects, and engineers, understanding the differences between Rhino Compute and ShapeDiver is essential to making informed decisions about your cloud-based workflow.

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Need help creating your Grasshopper files?

Are you new to the world of Parametric Design? No worries! Our team of experts can help you create your first Grasshopper model from scratch, so you can get started confidently with ShapeDiver.

Alternatively, we can also provide private training to your design team so they can be fully independent and work at their own pace.

Our Professional Services

ShapeDiver is built on the latest cloud infrastructure, carefully orchestrated and ready to use.

Since 2016, we've been perfecting our technology stack so you can focus on what makes your product great. Let us deal with the complexities of building a reliable, secure, and performant server system based on Rhinoceros 3D.

- Our Grasshopper servers automatically respawn in case of a failure. They are redundant, ensuring continuous deployment with zero downtime for updates.

- Our dispatch algorithms ensure quick response times and balanced workload handling.

- Our Caching System stores geometric results so that they don’t have to be computed twice.

- Our systems auto-scale based on demand.

- A full-fledged permission system ensures your IP is not exposed to anyone who’s not supposed to see it.

What is Grasshopper?

Grasshopper is a visual programming interface for designers, architects, and engineers. It's part of the Rhinoceros 3D modeling software and it allows the creation of algorithms that manipulate geometry and data in a CAD environment. This enables the creation of powerful tools that can solve complex problems.

Thanks to Grasshopper, exploring design, automating manufacturing processes, and manipulating data, is faster and more accurate than using traditional programming. This practice is called Parametric Design.

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Who uses Grasshopper?

Grasshopper is widely used in the design community across multiple industries. Not only does Grasshopper help shorten product design cycles with much faster iterations, but it also gave birth to new design and manufacturing possibilities.

Today, Parametric Design allows designers, architects, and engineers from all over the world to collaborate and work faster to solve complex problems that were unimaginable a decade ago.

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What has been the challenge so far?

Sharing Grasshopper files between designers and non-technical stakeholders has traditionally been problematic. With ShapeDiver it now becomes possible for team members, managers, and even consumers to contribute through co-design and achieve unique results.

Improve communication. Optimize collaboration workflows. Automate the sales process. Anything is possible.

How It Works

Your Challenges Solved


Client Communication

Let your clients co-design and configure their purchases to unmatched precision from any device. Build unlimited parameter options and advanced user experiences to create the ultimate online experience.

Remote Collaboration

Collaborate on design iterations, make decisions as a team and create interoperability workflows with other design environments. The information has never traveled so efficiently and freely.

Production Automation

Export fabrication data directly from an online interface after your users make a purchase or configure a product. Use the full potential of additive and distributed manufacturing to reduce costs and shorten production times.

Distributed Design

Let "super-users" create powerful tools with Grasshopper that others can re-use and integrate within their own tools, in or outside of Grasshopper. Now Grasshopper comes to them instead of the other way around.

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