Turn your Grasshopper files into online applications.

Safely share your design tools with others without exposing the original code. Easily embed them on any website via an iframe or integrate them with your favorite eCommerce platform or ERP system via various APIs and SDKs.

Why ShapeDiver?

Secure,Web-Based Grasshopper Sharing

Our online platform allows you to manage and enable easy access to your entire library of Grasshopper files... from a web browser. Safely share your design tools with others without exposing the original code.

Use over 40 supported Grasshopper plugins (or even proprietary ones) and scripted components to create the right application according to your business requirements. We have the right plan for every need!

Access your Grasshopper files' parameters and outputs via our platform, an iframe, or create your own custom application via various APIs and SDKs.

How It Works

Create 3D product configurators like a Pro.

Use the power of your parametric files to create online 3D applications in a fraction of the time and cost vs. traditional methods. Fully automate your online sales, manufacturing and/or design strategies.

We provide affordable tools and scalable infrastructure to help you transform your library of Grasshopper files into powerful and shareable online applications.

Start with a free account. Upgrade only when you need it.

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Boost your eCommerce strategy!

ShapeDiver enables seamless integration of your Grasshopper files with almost any eCommerce platform, ERP, and payment system for complete online automation.

Allow your clients to explore your products in 3D and Augmented Reality with parametric precision. Automatically generate technical drawings and production files with every custom order, eliminating human error!

3D Configurators

Sync your favorite Design Software with ShapeDiver.

Connect and interact with Rhinoceros 3D, Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk Forma, and VIKTOR.ai in real-time. More environments coming soon!

Select geometries or data from your active software environment and feed it into ShapeDiver for computation, bypassing the need to upload and download files in the process.

Visualize computed results instantly in your software environment from the ShapeDiver model open in your web browser.

Promote real-time collaboration and interoperability across various software platforms for a more integrated design experience.

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